What we do


Share pictures with your friends

Greg's most recently built application, which allows facebook users to bookmark images across the web, and share them with their friends. It implements technology similar to Photo Graffiti, letting users spread pictures via the wall and photo albums.


Questions and Answers on facebook

BigBrain is the most full-featured question-and-answer application on facebook, featuring group questions, ranking, points, the ability to pay for responses, and an addictive interface. Users love it (it gets extremely high rated reviews) and some people use it fanatically.

My Jobs

A job search application for facebook

My Jobs is a fully dynamic application for facebook, whose design hits the three goals of being viral, useful and able to monetize. It gives incentives to spread the application to friends: help your friends get jobs, and for each friend that does, you will get $500. Other features include auto-parsing of uploaded resumes for job keywords. Try searching for C++.

Facebook eCards

Send eCards to your friends

Facebook eCards is a full-featured facebook app that allows people to send each other greeting cards for any occasion. They go beyond gifts, allowing the cards to be personalized with custom messages, music and photos.

Open University eCards

Rebranding for the Open University

We develop new web applications and techniques internally, and then license them our clients for their campaigns. While we can't list all our clients here, this is an example of re-branding the eCards gifting app.

Photo Graffiti

Draw on your friends' photos

When we came up with this totally unique and very viral application idea, we put together several technologies, including flash, PHP and facebook, to make it happen. Now available for license and use in projects for our clients.

Stephen Downes

Website for a photographer.

Here is an example of site for one of our small business customers. Stephen Downes is a photographer working in New York city, and he was looking to get a photo manager for all his clients, similar to Adobe Bridge but with user accounts. Now his users can select all their favorite photos right on the site.

Supreme Regime

A hip-hop group from NYC.

They came to us looking for a simple site design that highlighted their music, and came away getting a lot more than they asked for.


Connecting students and tutors

One of our first websites was a community site that let students and tutors find each other. Since then, we moved it to thetutorbase.com and the site expanded beyond NYC.

Happy New Year!

Right around New Year time

Why not celebrate the start of 2009? So we made this app. You can see its viral growth on facebook for yourself.

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