What we do

Our Goals

Our business strategy is centered around being meticulous about what works and what doesn't. We strive to get a concrete understanding of how each step leads to the next, before undertaking our projects. The ultimate goal of our business strategy is to build a profitable and efficient business that is a pleasure to operate. We tend to favor business models that scale, and solutions that are easy to maintain.

A second important goal of ours is to make a positive difference in people's lives. We strive to create innovative solutions that empower people to use the internet more effectively. Thus, we care a lot about the user experience.

Being Successful

To build a successful internet business, you need users/customers and they must generate revenue one way or the other. In some sense, there is a science to it. Here is a high-level overview of things to consider:

First of all, what business model will you adopt?

We help businesses create web sites that reach out to a lot of people, and consult them on how to optimize the flow. These days, the general overview looks something like:

And after all, this is what we do ourselves. Actually, we are very hardcore about good business strategy: we developed technology that goes hand-in-hand with developing successful web businesses, and it allows us to integrate everything we've built in the past and combine it in different ways.


Part of what we do is educating businesses that want a website about their options. Yes, it's possible to simply have an online presence, but a site can achieve much more. It can help drive sales, it can foster an online community around a brand, or it can be the basis for a scalable business that systematically generates revenue.

The following diagram is an overview of some of the major possibilities you should consider when designing a web-based business. When we meet with our clients, we go into much more detail.

How We Operate

We've built a framework that allows anyone to build plugins on top of it, and combine them to make a powerful website.

In the course of creating web projects for our clients, we develop various components and plugins. For example, a website may require a module for users to register and log in/log out, another module for users to message each other, and yet another module for reviewing bars. The great thing about having a framework is that we can re-use these components in our subsequent projects, reducing cost for both ourselves and our clients.

As we build up a portfolio of more and more components, we are able to put them together in new and different ways. This allows us to research new business models and directions for the changing internet landscape, and also creates opportunities to produce mega-hits like freemeet.com

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