Who we are

Lucky Apps started with several friends in New York City. We create a new breed of social internet applications, running across social networks, mobile phones and the internet.
Our aim is to empower people to use the internet more effectively.

Greg Magarshak

Founder and General Manager

Greg has had his share of ambitious activities. He has had a solo career as a classical pianist around the world, performed in Carnegie Hall at 7 years old, started college at 14, and is currently enrolled in NYU's Ph.D program in mathematics. He is a programmer and web designer with a wide range of experience and has created several successful web sites for businesses and organizations. The major focus of his creativity has been designing innovative business structures, and creating new technology to connect people.

Steven Vachon

Lead Flash Developer

Steven is an expert in Adobe Flash and web technologies. He possesses a strong programming and development background with the knowledge required to take a project from basic planning stages into final production. He will be drawing on his design and animation experience to help us create engaging, interactive interfaces. A big believer in simplicity and good organization, Steven will definitely leave his mark on a website's appearance. Expertise includes ActionScript 1, 2 and 3, Adobe Flex, the new AIR platform, CSS for screen, print and handheld devices, Javascript, HTML. He is also proficient in Photoshop and has knowledge of the open source Red5 server, a free way of doing Flash streaming.

Zak Khalique

Solutions Architect

Just like the other members of the LuckyApps team, Zak web entrepreneur with a diverse background. An alumnus of Boston University, Zak holds advanced degrees in Bichemistry & Molecular Biology and Medical Sciences. He has also co-authored a number of scholarly papers in the field of molecular biology. Zak was entered the world of web development while working as a graduate student at Georgetown University where he developed web tools for Uniprot project (a bioinofrmatics venture aimed at creating the world's most comprehensive protein database). Since then, Zak has developed an number of web projects including Big Brain Answers, the most complete and robust knowledge-sharing application on Facebook. As the newest member of the Luckapps team, Zak brings his strong analytical background and understanding of what a client needs.

Leon Ofman

Founding Partner

Leon was a sergeant of United States Marine Corps and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Leon has earned numerous medals from his service. After his return from Iraq, Leon completed his bachelor’s degree at Brooklyn College, and joined the Administration of Children’s Services as a child protection specialist, investigating families who committed maltreatment and abuse of children. Leon has a lot of experience in getting people to open up and gathering personal information, which is a big asset in his role as chief of market research. He will also be able to heavily contribute to our marketing campaign once the site’s beta is completed. Leon is a founding partner in Lucky Apps.

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